lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Pechiazul.(Luscinia svecica)

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Bob Bushell dijo...

I love the second one of Bluethroat, beautiful photos.

Connie Smiley dijo...

Now there's a practical bird, wearing his bib so he's ready to eat whenever the opportunity presents itself! These are such great shots.

Tammy dijo...

Gorgeous Bluethroat! I have not seen one of these! I especially like the third photo; the blue is stunning.

MoiCLouLou dijo...

First time I see this bird an I like it. Love the blue throat; very nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing,

Teté M. Jorge dijo...

Uffff...que série! Uma lindeza essa ave de colar multicolorido!
(A terceira foto está especialíssima!!!)

Beijo carinhoso.