jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Abejaruco común jov.(Merops apiaster)

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Noushka dijo...

Bravo Antonio!
Este ave también es preciosa y trato también de fotografiarla pero anida poco en mi región
Uno de las aves más bellas a las que pudiéramos ver!

Russell Jenkins dijo...

Beautiful, delicate lighting and spectacular subject. Masterfully caught!

Tammy dijo...

Beautiful colors and detail! You have some amazing birds in your area!!

MoiCLouLou dijo...

Stunning! Love the colors in this bird and the composition of your picture is perfect.

Marco Luijken dijo...

Hello Antonio,
Fantastic shots of this special bird.
Wonderful the colors and a great pose. This bird has a funny head.
I see that you've made amazing shots of all different birds. I like that.

Greetings, Marco

Ottars fotoblogg dijo...

A great bird you have picture of, I haven't seen this in our nature.

Nice blog you have with many fine bird pictures


Teté M. Jorge dijo...

Ai, que pose maravilhosa!!! Fico pensando o tempo delicioso que você espera para fotografar essas belezas que nos mostra...

Beijo com carinho.

Connie Smiley dijo...

Such a sweet bird, and great detail, as always. They must really like you.